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Our Services

Alternator Replacement

If you're experiencing dim lights or frequent battery problems, it might be time for an alternator replacement. Our skilled technicians at Mboli Mechanic Services can swiftly diagnose and replace faulty alternators to ensure your vehicle continues to perform efficiently and reliably.

Battery Replacement

Don't let a dead battery slow you down! Our team provides quick and professional battery replacement services that not only restore power but also prevent future failures with top-quality batteries tailored to your vehicle's requirements.

Brake Caliper Replacement

Ensure your vehicle's stopping power is at its peak with expert brake caliper replacement from Mboli Mechanic Services. We use high-quality parts to enhance your brake system's efficiency and your safety on the road.

Brake Pads Replacement

Brake pads are crucial for safe driving, and regular replacements are necessary to avoid damage to rotors and calipers. Our technicians will help you choose the best pads for your vehicle and driving style and install them with precision.

Diagnostic Service

Avoid guesswork on vehicle issues with our comprehensive diagnostic services. Using the latest tools and technology, we accurately pinpoint problems and offer clear, actionable advice on the necessary repairs.

Emissions Failure Repair

Pass your emissions test with flying colors. If your vehicle has failed its emissions test, bring it to us. We specialize in detailed emissions system analyses and precise repairs to enhance your vehicle's environmental compliance.

Ignition Coil Replacement

A failed ignition coil can lead to engine misfires and poor performance. Our mechanics will replace faulty coils using OEM-quality parts to restore optimum engine function and fuel efficiency.

Oil and Filter Change

Regular oil and filter changes are essential to maintain your vehicle's health and longevity. We offer a comprehensive oil change service using premium oils that best suit your engine type and driving conditions.

Radiator Replacement

Keep your engine cool under all operating conditions with our radiator replacement service. We install high-performance radiators that effectively regulate engine temperature and prevent overheating.

Serpentine Belt Replacement

A worn-out serpentine belt can affect your vehicle's power steering, alternator, air conditioning, and even engine cooling. Our team ensures a high-quality belt replacement to keep all related systems running smoothly.

Spark Plugs Replacement

Restore your engine's performance with new, high-quality spark plugs. At Mboli Mechanic Services, we replace old spark plugs, enhancing fuel efficiency and engine start-up.

Starter Motor Replacement

Experiencing slow cranking or clicking noises when starting your car? It might be time to replace your starter motor. We provide reliable starter motor replacements that ensure your vehicle starts quickly and reliably every time.

For all your auto repair needs, Mboli Mechanic Services is your trusted partner. Contact us today and experience stress-free maintenance and repair.

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