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Concrete / Stone cleaning

In addition to cleaning your home or business, why not consider cleaning the outside of your home or business as well? The care of your garage, walkway, and patio have a more dramatic impact. That's why you can't ignore pressure cleaning. With the combination of our high-pressure washing system and our specific treatment applications for concrete, brick, and stone we assure you that your property will be attractive again.

Cleaning decks and fences

We use quality products and the right amount of pressure to wash all types of wood and various fence designs. The result is a complete renovation without any damage to its structure as we have all the necessary care.


Driveway cleaning

The driveway is the first thing visitors see when they arrive at their home. Parking on a dirty or rusty driveway can eliminate any other changes you have already made to your property. Fixgeneral's unique entry treatment lasts and can be completed in half the time.

Cleaning decks

House cleaning

It usually doesn't take long for the exterior of a home to get dirty, which is why a power wash simply removes everything without a problem. Fixgeneral uses a unique predominant cleaning system for low-pressure home washing. This system ensures your home is spotless and free of mold, dirt, rust, and more.


Gutter cleaning

A clogged gutter can cause water damage inside or outside your home. That's why Fixgeneral cleaned the inside of the gutters to remove all leaves, sticks, and other debris. The outer side will also be cleaned to make them visually captivating.

Patio cleaning

Give us the opportunity and let us remove dirt, algae, or any other outdoor items so you can invite or welcome your friends and family at any time in a patio or pool area.

Hause cleaning
Gutter Cleaning
Patio cleaning

Cleaning and sealing of pavers

With our course assured, we block the color of your cobblestones, facilitate cleaning, and reassure you know that mold and bacteria are gone forever.

Cleaning and sealing

Cleaning the screen enclosure

Mold spores grow when deposited in places where there are excessive moisture and shading. Seeing this mold is a warning, however, it is common for these to develop in the pool area. Regular cleaning will make that area gleaming.

Cleaning the screen

Roof cleaning

Pressure cleaning of the Soft Wash makes stains more difficult to come out, it can also remove algae and moss. Professionals like Fixgeneral Inc. ensure that your home, garden, and areas have incredible and lasting results.

Roof cleaning
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